Minnesota & Western Wisconsin Trail / Ultra Race Elevation Comparison

FIGURES BELOW ARE ESTIMATES AND THIS PROJECT IS FOR FUN! Below is a spreadsheet of (select) Minnesota Trail and Ultrarunning races comparing elevation gain, gain per mile, loss, loss per mile, change and change per mile.  You can click the column headers to sort the sheet any way you like.  The data compiled for this analysis was and is being crowd-sourced from individuals wearing wrist-top GPS units (mainly Garmin and Suunto) while running the races listed – data includes averaged totals of elevation gain, loss and change for each race excluding outliers.  It is important to note that wrist-top GPS units are very inaccurate and readings vary wildly depending on a myriad of factors.  While we do have hyper-accurate / empirical LiDAR elevation gain, loss and change information for a handful of Minnesota races we do not have it for all and here we have chosen to use crowd-sourced GPS wrist-top data in order to create fair course to course comparisons and fair comparisons to other races outside of this analysis as most courses around the country are measured (or should we say estimated) by writs-top GPS units.  This project is ongoing and the results will continue to change and become “more accurate” as we add more data / more entries for each race – If you would like to contribute your elevation gain / loss data to this project, you can do so HERE.

Avg / MI
Avg / MI
Avg / Mile
Superior Fall 50M501001020010134203201444033
Superior Fall 100M1001708917118000180350893513
Wild Duluth 100K621082917510735173215643483
Zumbro 100M1001709717117097171341943422
Zumbro 50M5077581557736155154943102
Superior Spring 25K15.52394154241715648113103
Hixon 25K15.52258146226114645192922
Wild Duluth 50K314749153481515595643093
Superior Fall 26.2M26.23723142389914976222913
Superior Spring 50K314328140423913785672763
Zumbro 17M172299135229113545902702
In Yan Teopa 10M101361136130113026622661
Chippewa 50K314131133402213081532631
Afton 50K314103132409913282032651
Afton 25K15.51835118184811936822381
ECTM 26.2M26.23053117269210357452192
Hixon 50K313747121374312174912422
Voyageur 50M5056621135640113113032262
Surph the Murph 50K313240105331010765502111
Surf the Murph 13.1M13.111829011909123721811
Surph the Murph 50M5047099447079494161881
Chester Woods 50K3124317824067848371561
William O'Brien 10M10766777717715371541
IceBox 480 (Timed Loop)738154370537511071
Arrowhead 13513554364052323910668791
Trail Mix 50K311314421317422631851
Tusbobia 80M80997121227152224281
Tuscobia 160M16011907119072380151
Wild Duluth 13.1M13.10000003